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Resume Forwards
Highlight Yourself
Be a Priority
Contact Employers
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* Note : Here Profile Views and Validity Both compulsory to be complete otherwise product expiry will be increased default.

Access Premium Features

Get access to premium features & stand out of the crowd.

Improve Profile Views

Your profile views will be improved and you can track the improvement.

Increase Search Appearances

Increase in number of times your profile appears in search result of recruiters.

Resume Forwards

Your resume will be recommended to companies and recruiters by Shaleenjobs.

Connect Companies

Don't miss your dream job! Stay connected with companies

Highlight Yourself

Your profile will be highlighted to the employers.

Be a Priority

You will get priorities in interviews, selections & shortlistings.

Contact Employers

You will be able to se contact details of the companies & recruiters.

Stay One Step Ahead

Get priorities everywhere & get selected by the best companies

Job Suggestions

Get more filtered & relevant job suggestions according to your profile.

Get Insights

You can see your profile insights like who view your profile, your resume forwards, etc.

Be the First Applicant

Whenever a job matching your profile will be posted, you will be the first one to be notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any query regarding Premium Account, go through these FAQ.

If you have a Premium Account then you will get priority in short-listing when any recruiter searches for the candidates. Or we can say, your profile will be highlighted to the employer that will increases your chances of being shortlisted and you will have more profile views.
Sometimes, there are many applications for the same job and many times other candidates apply for the job before you, so your application might get lost and shows down in the list. Candidates with premium account shows on the top and have more chances of getting selected.
When any employer search for candidates a list of candidates is shown. In that list, premium accounts will be on the top of the list above free accounts. Also, an employer has to pay for visiting every profile, but they don't have to pay for premium candidate's profile. So, if they are getting it for free, they will obviously see it first. Your profile will also highlighted to them in their section. When a recruiter will post a job relevant to your profile, you will be notified first as compared to other candidates.
In case, if some other applicant also have premium account like you than the person who will have profile more completed & updated will be listed first. Like if your profile is 90% complete and other candidate's profile is 75% complete then you will be shown first to the recruiter. Other factors also affects like your resume, how professional it is written.
After it expire, your profile will again be added to the free candidates list and it won't be free & highlighted to employer.

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